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161210 GIMNAST II69257

I consider myself as a creator, as “a slave of an idea”,

 the idea which I have to attain.. 

The created sculptures of mine identify the unreal dream of walking on a slackline, which accompanying many of people. However, we should interpret it in the broader context like some extraordinary ecstasy and finding oneself in a totally different reality. My art is aiming at receiving a new perspective which will change the current point of an observer’s view.

Unconditionally, the greatest advantage of the sculptures is their universality and timeless message, which enables the understanding by people from various cultures. I set my sight on widening and exploring the new artistic and cultural experiences among the societies of Mediterranean Sea. This task has been fulfilled through the manlike figure, mostly in motion.

My sculptures are generally contrary, surprising and half balancing on the edge of imagination.

These pieces of art are in a constant motion so that they cannot be defined as changeless, invariable or persistent. They cannot be also interpreted unambiguously. They are not only subjected to the metamorphoses and “maturation” to the new situations but also influence onthe changes in the surrounding.

The story of each carved figure could be its individual biography not shorter than the biography of any real man. The cycle “The Balancing” is a proof that art can bemingle, can coexist with a crowd and be its natural part. The hanging above the observers’ heads silhouettes behave similarly to the passing people – they observe them with fixed eyesight, follow, imitate and sometimes mock them.

It seems that the figures would like to say something, sometimes they stay thoughtful. The only boundary of interpretation is the imagination of a particular person, his or her mood, day or background. First and foremost, the balancing sculptures exist in the surrounded space-time. These works of art are not afraid of wind but they refer to human beings whose time will also intervene one day.

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